We stared down at them from a cliff. Even from this distance, the bass thump still reverberated the ground beneath us. Elderbrother looked heavily troubled at the crowd he was seeing below. They trooped in in drones. One could hear the trepidation in their laughing voices, one could see it in their gait. Yet they […]

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Newton’s first law of motion states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. I’m pretty sure as brilliant as Sir Isaac Newton was, he had not the slightest idea his law was referring […]

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“Those in favour of confirming Hezekiah Ideye as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria say ‘aye’” There is a chorus reply of ayes. “Those against say ‘nay’” There is a debatably louder chorus reply of nays. And then the Senate president raises his gavel…   A priest, a king, a rich man and […]

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The Elevator

Originally posted on Art & Science:
She wakes to a wall staring in her face- a wall made of iron or something that looks metallic. She stares at it and for some reason tears roll down her eyes. Why? Why is she crying? She ponders. And then the memories slowly like a Lagos traffic, begins…

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Simon Simon

Simon Simon, what doest thou? Leave the horses, all hands are needed today Mama I see so many guests around, Exactly what is going on? Why is it this way? Simon Simon, don’t you know? It is the time of tax, by Ceasar’s command Every man with his kindred, to his own town For there […]

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How To Know a Cheat

Disclaimer: This is a personal analysis on the human tendency to cheat in a relationship by you know who. It’s not a debate but a constructed piece derived from years of observation and study so drop all sentiments before you proceed. Read this objectively. Yours Sincerely, Me. If you’ve not had someone cheat on you […]

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