This one’s soundtrack was particularly loud. All those girls had no shame. Wasn’t it bad enough that they were sleeping around? They still let their voice out so loud putting ungodly thoughts in everyone within a mile’s reach. Funmi was no virgin herself. She had spent a fair amount of time under, and ontop, a […]

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Blue Tie

When newbie kidnappers kidnap the wrong son of a stingy wealthy man…. This is what transpires

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Final Year

These were my father’s words when he sent my final year school fees: “This is your final year. After this we are focusing on your sister.” It was a clear and direct threat; If you fail and get an extra year, you are on your own.   Such words shouldn’t have been a threat to […]

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Aminat jolted awake. There was no apparent reason other than a strong nagging feeling of imminent danger. Something was terribly wrong. She turned in her bed and found Teacher Salamatu hurrying into the hostel room. Teacher Salamatu noticed her and hurried over to her. “Wake up,” the teacher said in hushed tones. “Aminat, help me […]

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We stared down at them from a cliff. Even from this distance, the bass thump still reverberated the ground beneath us. Elderbrother looked heavily troubled at the crowd he was seeing below. They trooped in in drones. One could hear the trepidation in their laughing voices, one could see it in their gait. Yet they […]

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Newton’s first law of motion states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. I’m pretty sure as brilliant as Sir Isaac Newton was, he had not the slightest idea his law was referring […]

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“Those in favour of confirming Hezekiah Ideye as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria say ‘aye’” There is a chorus reply of ayes. “Those against say ‘nay’” There is a debatably louder chorus reply of nays. And then the Senate president raises his gavel…   A priest, a king, a rich man and […]

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