Stories That Touch: A Tale of Three Feelings

Over the week, I’ve been asking a few of my BBM contacts who I know are in serious relationships to narrate to me how they met their mate. So I’ve compiled a couple of those stories for your reading pleasure. I know, it’s not like these stories I’m about to narrate have a sure ‘happily ever after’ suffix, and some of you might have even gone through situations more cozy than this only to see it all crash later. However, I write this to make you not give up on love. To those who already have, I hope this story can in some way reignite your heart, to those like me hoping to someday find it, I hope we can through empathy revel in this story. It’s the first day of the month of love… What better way to start it than with a tale of love? So here, I present to you, based on true life stories…

 A Tale of Three Feelings.

Three people, one state. Our state is Niger. There was a she, a he and another she. Stay with me, don’t get confused just yet. All three, students. Two in the Federal University, one she in the State University named after a General. Like with all students, with all of us young and single ones, these three craved for love without knowing. For all humans have that inner yearning- to love and be loved.  So back to our main characters: her, him and another her. In case you missed the encryption, that means two girls and a guy. And I know, I know, you’re beginning to nurture hopes that this is a story that ends in a threesome… It isn’t!

Let’s start with her. The first her, for her story backdates beyond Minna. You know that love movie you watched when you were 14, about those two love birds back in high school who met after collage and ignited old flames? That was probably her you watched… her without the massive skin tan she now has. Wait! I’m flying too fast, let’s ease up a little. She’s a student of the Federal University in Minna… Or was, whichever tense you choose to put it in is fine by me. Now that school was- or is- a place where as a female one thing you’ll never lack is toasters. And she was- or is- not only a female but comely, above average height, nice to a fault, smart academic wise and most importantly had-or has- a good, swollen view beneath her neck. So definitely, advances kept pouring in. She looked emotionally insecure and vulnerable on the outside, but with every guy that ventured close, she with smiles and nice words threw a loop and tied him in the infamous friend zone section. I often talked with her, tried to understand her, and pondered if this one could ever love. Then alas, one day, to the pleasure of us her confidants… She said ‘Yes’ to someone. But alas, it lasted but a fortnight! A week later she terminated the relationship. And she stayed that way till the end of our collage days. She went on to serve in a different state and likewise kept her heart away from all applicants. Where’s the touching story in this? I hear you ask. Like I said, to understand the present, we have to search the past… For she had loved once. While in secondary school, and naïve as a teenager can be, she had given her heart to a young boy. They had been together for a while, and then she had for some reason called it quits. He moved out of the country to further his education and she moved out of her state to further hers. But could it be that after all this time, that guy still held the keys to her heart?

Hold on to that thought. Let me tell you about him –the main character him. He too was- or is- a student of the Federal University in Minna. Like is tradition in the school, he like all the other guys in the school had the mindset of pouncing on any available chance, any sign, any green light- perhaps just a wayward smile, or a meeting of eyes and he’ll make an effort to get laid. They did not-or do not- search for love back there, they search for opportunities. And he, luckily was good to look upon. With a handsome face, slim body and the half shadow of a dimple that helped his smiles, one would think he was a prolific girls-man. But you’ll be wrong, because looks aside, he wasn’t really that good a goal scorer- if you know what I mean. Sure sometimes the ball did get into the net, and sometimes there were narrow misses, but definitely he was nowhere near where his potential could attain. Like with most guys, he’d had slim relationship trials, he had flirted nearly to the point of commitment, but it hadn’t clicked. Then December 2011, he traveled to his hometown for the yuletide and was introduced to a pretty damsel by a friend. As with most guys, something clicks in us whenever we see a pretty one, but that thing doesn’t click in our hearts… Most times it’s our pants that tick. He started conversing with her, and found out that she had applied for his school in JAMB. Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Jingle all the way! No need to hurry things then, since he was going to see her when she came for post-UME. So over the months in between, he tried to establish the groundwork, through chats and calls. And then, Post UME week came, and with it came our main character’s girl. We celebrated with him, “You gon get laid tonight!” But he didn’t, not that night or the night after…Till she left. And it wasn’t from lack of trying! Don’t get sad, we still have the other her to discuss.

The other her was-or is- a student of the State University in Niger that is named after a General. She’s pretty and sexy and she knows it. With great looks come great attraction. Toasters were uncountable and with such attention inevitably comes pride. Relationship for what? She thought. I have all the attention I need. Should I desire to go out, I need just dial a number. Should I desire to cuddle, that’s what flirting’s for. Why pledge my heart to one person. And it was with this mindset she went for her Aunt’s wedding. There she met this annoying guy who seemingly irritated her. They didn’t like each other… or so she thought. He probably did what any wise guy would do and acted like the feeling was mutual when he noticed her dislike- remember, it’s a thin line between love and hate. The wedding came and went. She returned to school. One day on Facebook while idly staring down how long list of friend requests, she saw a familiar face. “Wait, that’s the annoying guy from that wedding.”  Anyway, she probably had a hundred Facebook friends she didn’t know in person, no harm in accepting one she actually knew. Little by little, from a few picture and status likes, to one day her FB messenger popped up “Hi.” Some say the hardest part is saying hi. Conversations followed, and she realized he wasn’t that annoying a fellow after all. Soon numbers were exchanged and chat turned to phone conversation. No biggie, just another male friend, she must have thought… But her heart thought otherwise. Once while sick and hospitalized he came visiting and in that moment of weakness, something clicked in her. When she got well she returned the visit.

Let’s quickly end all the stories, shall we?

The first girl’s secondary school lover returned back to the country for his Youth service. They had a casual date for old times’ sake, which turned to two and then three. And then he finally confessed that he hadn’t gotten over her all these years and wanted them to try again- He didn’t know she had been waiting for him ever since. After dragging for forming’s sake, she said yes. And they have been an item ever since.

The he slowly started falling and falling for this girl who had bashed his Post UME hopes. He asked the girl out later after she left Minna. He finally realized he wanted something more than just sex. She denied for a while, but he persisted. And then on January 1st 2013, amidst all the New Year messages, he received one that stood out, simply because it had ‘Yes’ in it. And they have been an item ever since.

Our final she, visited him who she once disliked and they hanged out a couple of times. In her own words, “before I could say Jack Robinson, we were dating.” This happened five years ago, and they have been an item ever since.

If it makes you feel any better, let’s imagine that few years from now, she, him and the other she met in Vegas, and then after a couple of bottles, in drunken stupor had the threesome you’ve been imagining since you started reading this. But we wouldn’t know, would we? Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


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