Dear Friend

For a while now I’ve been having these sad feelings when I see dps or picture updates of people who I once had as my closest of friends and confidants and realize how estranged we have become, how far their lives are progressing without my involvement. Yesternight, I saw a particular dp and pm of a particular ‘former close friend’ and I just instinctively wrote this short poem. This is definitely the most sincere poem I have ever written.

Dear Friend

I WONDER sometimes
Does it hurt you? Ever? Does it?
The way time flies
The way we seemingly have forgotten
I WONDERED last night
She has a child? Oh, she’s married?
And then I realised
How far apart we’ve been growing

AND I UNDERSTAND, seriously I do
It’s no one’s fault, except perharps nature
And life, for scattering us right after school
But I know deep within we could have done more.
AND I UNDERSTAND, why it became so
It’s not like we broke up, we’re still friends
But friends only, nothing close
Once BFFs,now can’t even recall when last we met

I’M NOT BITTER, I don’t regret that
We grew up
But perharps we could have avoided growing apart
Perharps, we could have done more
BUT I’M NOT BITTER, it’s all good
I’m glad your doing very well
I have new friends too, and their all very cool
I’m pretty sure we could all have blended well

IT WAS distance at first
But you’re not really that far anymore
To me, a friend once said
Dozie, you burn bridges too much
IT WASN’T my wish
How could I burn something so dear
But it is what it is
I’m sure it wasn’t your wish as well

SO DON’T WORRY, it’s all good
We’ll talk on phone, maybe, once in a while
I doubt we can ever lose touch, I have you on Facebook
Thanks to social media, we can chat atimes
AND DON’T WORRY, I’m still here
It might not seem so, but it’s true
Whenever you need me, I’m still here
I’ll still be that ear, if you ever need someone to talk to

I won’t make the same mistake twice
Those presently near me
I won’t let you out of my sight
Not distance, not even age
Can cause ‘we’
To become just another memory phase


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