Simon Simon


Simon Simon, what doest thou?

Leave the horses, all hands are needed today

Mama I see so many guests around,

Exactly what is going on? Why is it this way?

Simon Simon, don’t you know?

It is the time of tax, by Ceasar’s command

Every man with his kindred, to his own town

For there it must be paid, as is the law of the land.

Oh, I think I get it.

So these are travellers forced on a home tour?

Simon Simon enough with the stories

Go on, I think Fray needs help at the inn door.


Simon Simon, wilst thou stay here in my stead?

My bladder dost torment me, I must take a leak

Ok, but only a for little while, Dear Mr Fray

What am I to do, to whom must I speak?

To whomever comes, turn them elsewhere

For tonight our inn is already full.

Perhaps suggest they return on the morrow

For some still go yonder, a guest or two


Hello, to whom may I speak?

For this night I desire a room for two

Nothing big or spacious, just my wife and I

Whatever you have will do.

Evening Mister, my name is Simon

I’m sorry but you must journey ahead

Tonight, all our rooms are already full

We can offer neither you nor your wife a bed.

Ah alas, I pray thee, we cannot go further

For my wife is pregnant and her time is due

Whatever you have will do.

I pray thee, I’ll pay whatever you ask me to

There is yet one option I might offer thee

Seeing that your wife’s travail is near

But I fear, you might deem it salvage

For this place I speak of is where horses are kept.


Mama mama, you won’t believe what I’ve seen

Tonight, a miracle, or something of that sort

A guest gave birth, a child, a boy child

But something about him was different

Simon Simon where have you been?

Did not I tell you we needed your help?

All night you were nowhere in the inn

Your story better be worth the tell.

Mama, in the stables he was born

And there was a star, I saw it above

Something about him was special, I’m sure

A child, yet he seemed like one on a throne

And men from the east sort his birth

Three men, wise in the telling of times

And kneel at his feet they did

Blessing him with gold, frankincense and myrhh

And shepherds came too, from afar of

They came with joy, praising God

For angels had appeared to them proclaiming

They sang, unto us a child is born

And I know I know he’s a special one

The saviour promised us to come.

Oh mama, come let me show you this boy

This boy, this carpenter’s son.




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