The Elevator

This story doesn’t get old. The message is the same each new year.
Happy New Year

Art & Science

She wakes to a wall staring in her face- a wall made of iron or something that looks metallic. She stares at it and for some reason tears roll down her eyes. Why? Why is she crying? She ponders. And then the memories slowly like a Lagos traffic, begins driving in. Ominously, her present situation begins to dawn on her. She stays still, letting the tears run freely. She’s like that for a long while, then she hears legs shuffle behind her and abruptly turns to see a man and a boy of about eight. They are both staring at her.

“Wow, those are some real red eyes. Hope you got all the tears out? Doubt they can help you now.” The man says with a shrug. She ignores him, sitting with her back to the wall she rests her head on the wall. Staring around she realizes they are…

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