300! A Truer Version

We’ve probably all watched or heard the fables of the movie “300”. A story coined from a war that history remembers for the valor of the Spartan’s heroic loss. However, unlike the movie depicts, there were 700 Thespians, 400 Thebans, and perhaps a few hundred others there too. Today, I came across another historical tale every Christian […]

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Dear Friend

For a while now I’ve been having these sad feelings when I see dps or picture updates of people who I once had as my closest of friends and confidants and realize how estranged we have become, how far their lives are progressing without my involvement. Yesternight, I saw a particular dp and pm of a particular ‘former close […]

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The Flying Express Call Center

“Hello?” “Hello, good morning sir. Thank you for calling Flying Express Motors, Abuja. How may I help you?” “Ehhh… What time is your motor to Lagos?” “The first bus moves by 5:30am, second bus by 6:30 and the third bus, 8am.” “Okay. Okay, thank you.” “You welcome sir.” Ring Ring Ring. “Good morning, thank you […]

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Another Traffic Story

Dada is always on the roads, you might have seen him before but you probably didn’t notice him. In the morning when the roads are stock full with cars of ongoing workers heading to their various offices and at night when those same people are making their  way home, Dada is there, on the roads. […]

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The Falls of Event Planning

I couldn’t figure out a better phrase to describe what I want to discuss than ‘event planning’. However, let me state it here that I’m not referring to the profession of event planning. I know there are all those big time event planners like ‘Bella weddings’ is it? I have no idea how those kinda […]

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Hi there. How y’all doing? It’s been a while. I heard y’all took a trip to the city called Wande. It was fun yeah? Funny thing, I don’t recall seeing any comments about that on the blog. Anyways, today I wanna talk movies. If you’re a strong Nollywood or Bollywood fan, now would be a […]

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“I Love You Too”

“Of all the poems written on the subject of unrequited love, there are so few on being the object of that affection. The truth is… it’s not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It’s the decency of merciful lies.” Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals s02 ep10) As much as the three worded phrase ‘I […]

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