She’ll See Me Different

Got in a poetry writing mood so I wrote this poem last night. It goes out to all who have been ‘friend-zoned’… I’ve been there a couple of times though I’m not in any presently… Enjoy!

She’ll See Me Different

Would that fairy tales and life could align
Would that I could wipe off just one leaflet
Would that I could let her see my mind.
Would that she would see me different.

At first it was all bright and green.
It was all bliss, we shared smiles in the sun.
Then I was hopeful, sure that we would be.
Pray tell, where did I miss the turn?
The smiles have never faded, nor do I wish such.
But for another she shares the smile deepest,
And knowing gives me naught but scorn
If only she could see me different.

‘I love you’, she’ll say, ‘you’re my best friend.’
‘I love you,’ I’ll think, ‘more than just that.’
She calls me brother, and I imagine ‘incest’
Wish we could play the Jaime-Cersei part.
She tells me of her lovers, tells me of her crush.
While I listen and crush on her, in regrets.
Knowing that if I had tried at our first cross’
Maybe now she’ll see me different.

I kept telling myself, I’ll tell her soon
But I never did, her eyes rendered me craven.
Then I hoped for fate, like the tales croon
Alas! The tales are but empty fables.
Would that I could express my love.
Beat my way past the ‘friend zone’ defense.
Would that I could tell her my true thoughts
Then, perhaps she’ll see me different.




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